Common Questions

At Leslie Paige Jewelry, we understand the importance of transparency and ensuring our customers can make informed decisions with confidence. To guarantee a seamless and secure shopping experience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Whether you're seeking information about our products, shipping policies, or any other aspect of your purchase, we've got you covered! Our dedicated team is also readily available to address any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can be a bit of a klutz. Can the puzzle and perched rings withstand the accidental knock on something?

Your clumsiness is in good company here! Designer, Leslie Paige, is like a bull in a china shop. We wish we were exaggerating here, but it is what makes Leslie, Leslie! Leslie embraces her clumsiness (and animated “hand talking”) every day while wearing her perched and puzzle rings. Leslie wears 2 perched rings that she even keeps on while sleeping. Her rings have withstood the test of time and her bull-like tendencies.

I have never owned a ring that is not round. How do the puzzle rings feel while wearing them?

Just like any new ring, it takes about a day to get used to wearing it. Many round rings can end up uncomfortable if the stones are not set correctly or the prongs are too large. The puzzle rings are designed to avoid both of these issues. We asked our Marketing Manager, Lamar, about her three band puzzle ring.. “I have not gone a single day without wearing my puzzle ring since I got it! It feels the same as my round rings. I think what I love most about it is that it almost feels like a new ring each time I put it on. Sometimes I wear the diamond band in the middle, sometimes on the top or bottom. It’s fun to find different ways the band will lay on the finger.”

How are the puzzle rings sized? Should I order the same size as I might buy in any other ring?

We recommend that you order your typical ring size when purchasing the puzzle ring. In most cases, the puzzle ring will fit on several fingers with a varying range of tightness on each. We love this because it allows us to style the ring in different ways with other styles in our collection.

How do the wide band versus the thinner bands on the perched rings fit?

The wider the band the tighter it’s going to feel. If you are looking into one of the wide band perched rings, we recommend getting sized with a thick ring size or sizing up just a little bit.

Most of my jewelry is 18k gold. Is it possible to have a piece made in 18k gold rather than 14k gold?

We create all our pieces with 14k gold to take advantage of its durable characteristics. It is recognized for its strength, and ultimately, the integrity of the piece is enhanced by the durability provided by 14k gold. 

Our rings are hand carved and cast in one piece to further improve the integrity of it. 18k gold is a beautiful gold but softer and more prone to surface scratches and dents. If you would like a piece made in 18k gold, we certainly can do this for you. We just want to ensure you understand that any piece made in 18k gold might dent and scratch.

I want to buy my partner a ring as a surprise, but I do not know their ring size. How can I find out?

If your partner currently wears rings, we suggest measuring a couple of their rings using a piece of string. Wrap the string around the ring, and mark the string where the two ends meet. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the marks. If your partner wears several rings, take measurements of multiple rings. Contact us with the measurements, and we will happily help you determine the appropriate ring size. 

If your partner does not wear rings, you might need to employ the help of a friend. We have many success stories with this method. The friend might say something like… “Can you try on my ring so that I can take a picture from the front of the hand” The friend then takes note if the ring fits, is too small, or is too large.

One of the styles I love is sold out. Can you make another one for me?

We can certainly make you a piece that is listed as sold out. Due to the variations found in natural stones, the piece may not be identical to the photo on our website. The variation in natural stones is a key element that makes our pieces so unique - no piece is really ever the exact same.

I found a style on your website that I love, but I want to make a few customizations. Is that possible? 

We love when someone is inspired by a piece on our website! We also understand that many people prefer a different combination of gemstones or an alternate gold color. We encourage you to make it your own! If you love a style, but have a preference for rose, white, or yellow gold, we are happy to customize the gold color for you. If you prefer a different combination of gemstones on a piece, please let us know so that we can work with you to design the perfect style for you.

What is your return policy?

Please visit our Refund Policy for information around our return and exchange policy.

When will my item ship?

Each piece is carefully made-to-order just for you. We ask that you allow a 2 to 4 week lead-time for production. If you would like to request a rush please contact us; we are happy to oblige in special circumstances.  

All items are shipped insured, so you can rest assured that you will receive your item.

Please visit our Shipping Policy for more information.

I still have more questions.

Please contact us. We are happy to answer any and all questions you might have!